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Bassetti's Reccomended Shop since 1986

Set in the italian Flowers' Riviera near the French border, in the center of Province Imperia, in Arma di Taggia. Always it has offered a wide selection of linens household items, satisfying thousands of local and european customers, with the best brands produced in Italy.

Punto Bianco's Stuff

The professionalism of the staff with decades of experience in business well before the opening of Punto Bianco and passed down in the family until the second generation.

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Punto Bianco's story goes a long way. Its founder, Vittorio Rognoni, began at a young age to work in italian north region called lodigiano with his uncle who traded in tissue cuts to pack suits, shirts, coats and bedding. Acquired great experience in recognizing the different qualities of yarn. In the fifties he continued this activity moved to Arma di Taggia and starting with his brothers the Tessilcasa treating brands as Marzotto, Ermenegildo Zegna, Cerruti and others. Thirty years later at the same venue in 1986 along with his wife Mirka, they started Punto Bianco specializing in the linen trade for the home and becoming "Bassetti's recommended shop".